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6. Maintenance of old membership files: That the Secretary be instructed to list the members in the dead file, destroy the old cards, and that of any member who has not paid for over three (3) years will be required to be reinstated as a new member. (9-20-1977)

7. Publication of general meeting minutes: It was decided to publish a copy of the General Meeting Minutes in the Streamliner of the past International Rally. (9-24-1977)

8. Swearing in new Board Members: That the procedure be established that new Board Members, when elected, be sworn in as soon as possible so that they can vote in the election of the new Officers. The new Officers will be sworn in at the final General Business Meeting. (10-7-1978 revised 10-12-1984)

9. Appreciation plaques: That one (1) plaque per term be presented to each Director and that it indicate the members' position on the Board where applicable. (11-16-1979)

15. Membership trophy: That a membership plaque be presented each year to the Chapter with the greatest percentage of new members. (9-6-1985 revised 10-18-2002)

16. Rally profits: That in the future any excess funds from an International or Regional Rally sponsored by the Streamline Royal Rovers International, Inc., will be disbursed by mutual agreement by the Board of Directors and a committee from the host Chapter. (10-10-1986)

17. Recovering Rally losses: That if a financial loss on a Rally should occur, the recovery will be by mutual agreement of Board of Directors and host Chapter committee. (10-10-1986)

18. Editor's bank account: That a small bank account be established for the use of the Streamliner Editor to cover printing and mailing expenses for the Streamliner and Membership Directory. The Main account will be maintained at the location of the Secretary/Treasurer. (10-19-1987)

22. Procedure for election of Officers:
1. The first Director's meeting, after new members have been elected, shall first deal with the election of Officers of the new Board.
2. The election shall be by secret ballot.
3. The election shall be conductge in the following order:
a. President
b. Vice-President
c. Secretary/Treasurer (9-13-1991)

25. Bid for Editor: Sealed bids for the Editor's position aare to be given to the International President prior to or at the International Rally before the first Director's meeting. Each sealed bid for Editor is to be submitted each year for two year increments: one year operational and one year option. Each year the Editor is invited to attent the 1st Director's meetig to give their annuyal report to the Board of Directors and then advise of their intentions to continue or discontinue acting in the capacity as Editor.

27. That a Rotation Schedule be implemented for hosting International Rallies by Chapters, beginning with the year 2000.
2016 At Large
2017 Houston
2018 Nebraska
Then the list starts over. In the event a Chapter is unable to host at their assigned time, all Chapters move up a year. (revised 10-2011)

28. Rally Refund:
1. Full Refund
a. To receive a full rally refund, the host Chapter must be notified a minimum of seven (7) days prior to the opening ceremony.
b. If an emergency occurs after seven (7) days prior to the opening ceremony, to receive a full refund, the host Chapter must be notified.
2. Partial Refund
a. In the event an emergency arises after the opening ceremony, which requires an early departure, to receive a partial refund, the host Chapter must be notified.
3. Names and phone numbers will be published for individuals to contact on the Rally Registration form should a cancellation become necessary. (8-24-2001)

29. International Rally Fines: Sheriff's fines issued at an International Rally shall not exceed the following":
Misdemeanors: $0.50
Felonies: $1.00 (10-4-2006)

39. Extra Directories: Members requesting a replacement Direcory will be charged $5.00 (10-18-2007)

31. Front Money: Upon written request, International will front $250.00 to the Chapter hosting the International Rally, to be returned at the end of the Rally if not needed. (10-18-2007)

33. Dues: That the membership dues be decreased to $10.00 per year for Regular members, $5.00 per year for Auxiliary members, beginning with the 2014 dues. (10-11-2013)

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