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(December 13, 2017)

Rig Members LocationChapter Status
    24 Alice Huber and Mike Kominske Hudson, Florida At Large Active
  377 Mary Ann Sauer Bellville, Texas Houston Auxillary
1779 Roger and Kaye Arndorfer (Stock) Carroll, Iowa At Large Active
2112 Lloyd and Dierdre Whitney Houston, Texas Houston Active
3137 August and Sue Hoffmeister Houston, Texas Houston Active
3138 Bill and Gussie Hebel Austin, Texas At Large Auxillary
3178 Bob and Ann Sisco Duncanville, Texas At Large Active
3181 James and Ruth Griffin Grande Prairie, Texas At Large Ausillary
3224 Leonard and Ramona Roberts Malcolm, Nebraska Nebraska Active
3285 Bernard and Sandra Michael Plesant Dale, Nebraska Nebraska Active
3431 David Fields Atascosa, Texas At Large Active
3453 Trumon Bartlett Carencro, Louisiana Houston Active
3475 Marcela McKinney Lincoln, Nebraska Nebraska Active
3481 Thomas Patterson Houston, Texas Houston Active
3515 Ruby Emory Houston, Texas Houston Auxillary
3556 Perry and Selma Wilson Norman, Oklahoma At Large Auxillary
3567 Roger and Patricia Harris Lincoln, Nebraska Nebraska Active
3587 Bud and Becky Wylie Alvin, Texas Houston Active
3591 Bill and Linda Ent Lincoln, Nebraska Nebraska Active
3594 Eddie Huffstetter Houston, Texas Houston Active
3606 Carol Schuknecht Bellville, Texas Houston Auxillary
3613 Dan and Marcia Murray Lincoln, Nebraska Nebraska Active
3614 Dale and Rae McReynolds Lincoln, Nebraska Nebraska Active
3617 Alfredo and Marissa Alejandre Houston, Texas Houston Active
3618 Bill and Jeffe Pike Palm Beach, Florida Houston Active
3620 Monte and Terri Swarts Clitherall, Minnesota Nebraska Active
3621 David and Paula Lajoie Tucson, Arizona Cyber Tribe Active
3622 Kimberly Weaver Hampton, Tennessee Cyber Tribe Active
3623 Burl and Roni Cleveland Apache Junction, Arizona Cyber Tribe Active
3624 Todd and Meredith Osborn Taylor, Texas Cyber Tribe Active
3625 John and Susan Ford Newcastle, Oklahoma Cyber Tribe Active
3626 Gayle Bickel Arizona City, Arizona Cyber Tribe Active
3627 Kevin and Mary Corban Rolling Fork, Mississippi Cyber Tribe Active
3628 Tracy Klockner Parker, Colorado Cyber Tribe Active
3629 John and Maryann Vanden Dries San Juan Capistano, California Cyber Tribe Active
3630 Mark Beauchamp and Susan Taylor Quartzsite, Arizona Cyber Tribe Active
3631 John and Vickie Hagen Gallatin, Tennessee Cyber Tribe Active
3632 Kevin Johnson and Angie Lynch Des Moines, Washington Pacific NW Active
3633 Wallace Boring and Beverly Grow Modesto, California Redwood Active
3634 Ralph and Sherry Hall Salem, Oregon Pacific NW Active
3635 Ron and Lisa Bunker Cortez, Colorado Cyber Tribe Active
3636 Paul Samarin Long Beach, California Sun Fun Active
3637 Amber Minor Bellevue, Washington Pacific NW Active
3638 Timothy Lemburg Tucson, Arizona Cyber Tribe Active
3639 John and Heather Scanlon Rocklin, California Redwood Active
3640 Mel and Jan Smith Clovis, California Cyber Tribe Active
3641 Landon Young Yukon, Oklahoma Cyber Tribe Active
3642 Jonny and Courtney Richardson Leawood, Kansas Cyber Tribe Active
3643 Todd Phillips and Rachel Cooper Omaha, Nebraska Nebraska Active
3644 Mike and Orquidia Hathaway Huntington Beach, California Sun Fun Active
3645 Billy and Jamie Kohler Ventura, California Cyber Tribe Active
3646 Justin Lunt Tempe, Arizona Cyber Tribe Active
3647 Justin and Jamie Ayres Madill, Oklahoma Cyber Tribe Active
3648 Craig and Ava Leach St. Clair Shores, Michigan Cyber Tribe Active
3649 Kim and Cindy Harding Costa Mesa, California Sun Fun Active
3650 Bill & Lynn Enyart Houston, Texas Houston Active
3651 Richard & Laura Lowe Lubbock, Texas Cyber Tribe Active
3652 John Nobles & Ami Hill Lubbock, Texas Cyber Tribe Active
3653 Rick & Rose Larson Lawton, Oklahoma Cyber Tribe Active
3654 Ben & Darlene Sexton Hillsboro, Ohio Cyber Tribe Active
3655 Don & Laurie Jackson Riverbank, California Cyber Tribe Active
3656Mike and Mary PlankBuffalo, WyomingCyber TribeActive
3657Michael and Micky SanderssonSwedenCyber TribeActive
3658Loren and Shelli AckermanCentralia, WashingtonPacific NWActive
3659Bart and Amy ChipmanPort Ludlow, WashingtonPacific NWActive
3660Mike and Leslie McGeoghLadysmith, British ColumbiaPacific NWActive
3661Steve and Penny MorrisTruckee, CaliforniaPacific NWActive
3662Dan and Tracey WilkinVictoria, British ColumbiaPacific NWActive
3663Kay RobbinsRound Top, TexasHoustonActive
3664 Ken Ford and Eileen Weeg Puyallup, Washington Pacific NW Active
3665 Bill Miller and Aimee'Lee Busch Anacortes, Washington Pacific NW Active
3666 Robert Madrigal and Alice Moreland Los Angeles, California Sun Fun Active
3667 James Miller and Melanie Wennerstrom Huntington Beach, California Sun Fun Active
3668 Ray and JuLee Rocha Atascadero, California Sun Fun Active
3669 Don Hardman and Brenda Thibeau Missouri City, Texas Houston Active
3670 Preston Ellsworth Santa Fe, New Mexico Cyber Tribe Active
3671 John and Kelbi Trotter Lubbock, Texas Cyber Tribe Active
3672 Ron & Melissa Metz Shallowater, Texas Cyber Tribe Active
3673 Michael and Amanda Ferrando Weatherford, Texas Cyber Tribe Active
3674 Jenn & Susie Skidmore Lancaster, California Sun Fun Active
3675 Marla White Sullivan North Highlands, California Redwood Active
3676 Aaron & Juanita Henderson Willis, Texas Houston Active
3677 Lee Armatage Marsha Bryan Cedaredge, Colorado Cyber TribeActive
3678 Jim & Dorothy Dupree San Leon, Texas Houston Active
3679 Julie Campagna & Andrea Samataro Sebastopol, California Redwood Active
3680 Ed & Tammy Ellis Volga, South Dakota Cyber Tribe Active
3681 Raymond Webb & Candide Petrol Murrieta, California Sun Fun Active
3682 Alan & Holly Kashefipou Riverside, California Sun Fun Active
3683 Ronald & Sharon Couch Colleyville, Texas Texoma Rovers Active
3684 Kenneth & Elizabeth Hastings Wichita Falls, Texas Texoma Rovers Active
3685 Daniel Hankins & Terry Abeyta Florence, Oregon Pacific NW Active
3686 Keevin & Michelle Buchanan Weatherford, Texas Texoma Rovers Active
3687 Marsha Boyd Weatherford, Texas Texoma Rovers Active
3688 Lexi Gier Monterey, California Redwood Active
3689 Nicki DesRoches Salinas, California Redwood Active
3690 Paul & Kristen Ortlinghaus Santa Rosa, California Redwood Active
3691 Roger & Debbie Bowles Miller, Missouri Cyber Tribe Active
3692 Jimmy & Sue white Fayetteville, Arkansas Cyber Tribe Active
3693 Bret & Marilyn Peoples Caldwell, Idaho Pacific NW Active
3694 Thomas & Jill McElroy North Hollywood, California Sun Fun Active
3695 Jake & Erika St. Peter Tacoma, Washington Pacific NW Active
3696 Chris & Marissa Dunne Santa clarita, California Sun Fun Active
3697 Mark Brittain & Kathy Begley Richmond, Virginia Sun Fun Active
3698 Ward Cook Bean Station, Tennessee Cyber Tribe Active
3699 George & Shawn Stewart Englewood, Colorado Cyber Tribe Active
3700 Tony & Tracey Patterson Aurora, Colorado Cyber Tribe Active
3701 Dylan Gannon & Angela Koop Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada Pacific NW Active
3702 Jim & Natalie Baxter Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada Pacific NW Active
3703 John & Renee Hardy Peoria, Arizona Cyber Tribe Active
3704 Ron & Carlotta Yancy Floral City, Florida Cyber Tribe Active
3705 Jim & Mary McCadden Waterboro, Maine Cyber Tribe Active
3706 Jill Warner Denver, Colorado Cyber Tribe Active
3707 Kevin & Jody Loy Warrenton, Oregon Pacific NW Active
3708 Michael & Carmen del Castillo Lincoln, California Redwood Active
3709 Joel & Rachael Harp Lincoln, California Redwood Active
3710 Troy & Judi Golden Monte Vista, Colorado Cyber Trive Active
3711 B. Rose & Heidi Unger Denver, Colorado Cyber Trive Active
3712 Mark & Michelle Horowitz Sugar Land, Texas Houston Active
3713 Rod & Vicki Robison Greeley, Colorado Cyber Trive Active
3714 Wayne & Gale Evans Houston, Texas Houston Active
3715 David & Janice Cass Bellville, Texas Houston Active
3716 Larry & Michelle Robinson Templeton, California Redwood Active
3717 Mike & Carlee Okerman Huntington Beach, California Sun Fun Active
3718 Monty & Christa Kelso Dana Point, California Sun Fun Active
3719 Ted & Lori Gamble Vancouver, Washington Pacific NW Active
3720 Paul & Marianne Carwin Oakhurst, California Redwood Active
3721 Mike & Sandy Lenahan Great Falls, Montana Cyber Tribe Active
3756 Don & Sheri Hudson Atascadero, California Sun Fun Active
Chapter Active Auxilliary Total
Cyber Tribe 39 1 40
Houston 17 3 20
Nebraska 9 9
Pacific Northwest 16 1 17
Redwood 14 14
Sun Fun 16 16
Texoma Rovers 6 6
At Large 4 3 7
121 8 129

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